Auto Glass – Company Profile.

Auto Glass Israel is the leading car glass company in Israel, founded in 1935.

Auto Glass Israel is a private company run by the family of the company’s founder, Eliezer Eldar, who devoted the best of his time and energy to developing the company’s strength and establishing the car windshield industry in Israel.

The company has about 150 employees who contribute greatly to the company’s success and day-to-day operations.


Company customers

·         Auto Glass provides service to over 1.5 million customers insured in all insurance companies in Israel: Phoenix, Shlomo Insurance, Migdal, Menora, Ayalon, Hachshara Insurance, Clal, Agricultural Insurance, Harel, AIG, Bituach Yashir, Libra, WeSure and Shirbit.

·         Autoglass provides an extensive and professional service to public and private transportation companies in Israel: Egged, Dan, Metropolis, Kavim, Super Boss and many more.

·         Autoglass has customers in all the leading car rentals and leasing companies: New Kopel, Shlomo Sixt, Albar, Avis, Eurodrive and Perry.

·         Autoglass provides services for the Ministry of Defense, the Director of Government Vehicles, the IDF, the Israel Police, the Postal Authority and other security Authorities.


Company branches

·         Autoglass has a nationwide distribution of branches and service stations.

·         The company’s management, the logistics center, the central service garage and the customer service center are located in Autoglass building in the city of Holon (5 minutes from Tel-Aviv).

·         The Central Service Center performs windshield repair for all types of vehicles, private and heavy, trucks and buses.

·         The advanced logistics center is the largest windshield warehouse in Israel and provides an anchor for all its customers.


company activity

·         Installation of windshields for private vehicles, trucks and buses.

·         Installation of headlights and mirrors for private vehicles.

·         Repair windows regulators and accessories for car glass.

·         Installing windshields in garages around the country

·         Sales and Marketing glass and accessories for all vehicles.

·         Installing stone and bullet proof windshields.


Service and quality.

·         Auto Glass provides all customers fast and excellent service with maximum digital accessibility (email, website, chat, WhatsApp, etc.).

·         The glass used by Auto Glass bear the most stringent international standards. The sealing materials are manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers who supply their products to global aviation companies and automakers.


contact us :      phone :  03-6507777 (ext 9)