Company Profile

The auto glass Israel group is a private company.
Involved in the field of vehicle windscreens for over 70 years.
The company is managed by the family of the late founder, eliezer elder, who devoted all his time and energy to developing the company’s strength and establishing the vehicle windscreens branch in Israel.

The company employs 75 people. Who contribute a great deal to its success and its ongoing operations.

The head office and warehouse are located at the new logistics center in Holon, the most advanced of its kind in Israel. The center houses the company’s management offices, a large service center for repairing windscreens for private vehicles, heavy vehicles, trucks and buses, the largest windscreen spare part warehouse in Israel, and the national service center that coordinates all the company’s operations


The good of the customer is not just a slogan, but a way of life, an approach. Therefore, auto glass offers its customers an advances. Iso 9002 certified service network that serves thousands of customers, at the company’s branches and at the customer’s home.

The company also provides service to the leading insurance agencies, including: Ayalon, phoenix, menorah, AIG. Hachshara Bituach, Harel, Clal and Migdal. The leading vehicle service companies in Israel, and many leasing companies, such as: Nea kopel sxit, avis, Shlomo sxit. Kal auto, Budgey, Eurodrive, Pri Yrucham, and other.

Other large organizations make use of auto glass services, such as: the ministry of defense, the IDF, properly tax, the ministry of transport, the Israel police force, the postal authority, and many others.

They all enjoy the dedicated and reliable service provided by auto glass.

Another wide scale field of operations is bus glazing services, 24 hours a dat, of most of the bus companies in Israel, including: Kavim, Superbus. Connnex, Margalit, si. Shahar zach.m zfon hanegev, metaylei sheaf, metaylei iron, horn leiboviz, mesie’ei shasha’ metaylei shdod, hamovil Jacques joljari, hamovil hadromi, irus yeruham, metaylei eilat, and dozens of others.
These companioes know that at any given time, even at short notice, thay will receive reliable and dedicated service from auto glass, wherever they are in the country

Professional solutions

we have five departments at your service in the field of vehicle windscreens:

Installations department

direct arrangement with all the insurance companies for repairing vehicle windscreen.
Installing windscreen for private vehicles / trucks / buses Repairing and replacing auxiliary windscreen mechanisms and accessories / Dealing with all property tax damages (intifada and hostile action Repairing electrical and mechanical mechanisms for all types of vehicle.
Opening windows in commercial vehicles.
Dealing with leaks ( replacing rubber seals due to leaks)
Windscreen and accessories sales and marketing department

marketing and sale of windscreen and accessories for vehicles to all vehicle glaciers in the country.
Marketing and sale of windscreens to garages throughout the country
Marketing and sale of windscreens to spare part distributors throughout the country,
Marketing and sale of insulating materials.
Windscreen tinting department
Windscreen tinting, whit the authorization of the ministry of transport and the Israel standers institute, a process carries out on the original vehicle windscreen.
Reducing the sun’s rays penetrating into the vehicle by 60% protections against damage to the skin, and to plastic parts and upholstery.
No restriction to the field of vision.
Gives the vehicle a luxurious and attractive appearance.
Insurance cover department
Experience and working contact with all the insurance companies in Israel.
Insurance cover for vehicle windscreen.
Insurance cover for substitute radio

Protection department

Protection vehicles against stones and gunfire, direct arrangement with property tax the ministry of transport.

You want to know that you have done everything you can to achieve maximum safely for yourself and your passengers. Therefore, you always demand the best for them and for you.

Auto glass meets these requirements exactly. Auto glass upholds a long tradition of stringent safety and quality that is among the best there is. The windscreens used by auto glass carry international standard certification, and the sealing materials it uses are manufactured by the leading companies in the world, which supply the world’s leading airlines and vehicle manufacturers, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that auto glass windscreen meet the highest standers of safety and quality for you.

More about us

The auto glass group comprises a number of companies that provide a variet of professional vehicle services:

Auto glass vehicle glazing ltd. – imports, markets, distributes and installs windscreen of foreign and local manufacture. There are six vehicle service garages available to serve you.

Auto glass ltd – provides windscreen breakage cover for all types of vehicle, has connections with all the largest insurance companies in Israel. And provides windscreen breakage policies for over 700.000 vehicles.

Auto glass – the largest vehicle windscreen importer in Israel. Import windscreens from the leading manufactures in the world ( manufacturing for the OEM vehicle industry), and chief distributor for the Oren – Zova windscreen and manufacturer in Israel.

All these and more provide us whit the knowledge, service and professionmnalism that enable us to give our customers a range of services at one center.